Business & Facilities (B&F)

Business & Facilities (B&F) is a company that has been created in response to the demands of organisations seeking a business-focused approach to the provision of Facility Management Real Estate and Infrastructure Support Services.

Business and Facilities is an established firm of vendor-independent Facilities Management and Real Estate specialists. We help organisations all over the world reduce facilities expenditure and maximise productivity, staff moral and organisational efficiency.

All of the senior people within the organisation have extensive International experience and have held prominent "hands on" positions with multi-national Corporations in the global Facility Management, Real Estate and IT arena.

Business & Facilities are founder members of "Corporate Real Estate Advisors" (CREA) which is a formal partnership of several Businesses with representative EMEA offices in the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Abuja in Nigeria. We have Associate Partner Offices in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Additionally as a founding Partner of CREA we also have an extensive network covering the following Countries Globally.

This formal partnership was set up to provide Pan-European or Global solutions with local delivery. All of the principles of CREA work regularly together on a variety of projects and share global best practice and information.

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